Wednesday, December 27, 2006

24 Hours In Spain

After a fantastic, relaxing five days with my family, I arrived back in Barcelona this morning, surprisingly non-jetlagged. My flights were a bit screwy yesterday due to crazy weather all along the eastern US, but the craziest thing of the day was learning that somehow my Delta SkyMiles account had magically been transferred to my sister's name sometime in the last week. So all those thousands of miles I've flown with Delta, Continental, Alitalia in the last 18 months (and I think we're taking about 200,000 here, folks) have all been credited to my sister! Needless to say, she's psyched. I'm bummed. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be resolved in about 8-12 months.

Anyway it was a beautiful day in Barcelona today, though I spent most of it doing laundry and preparing for Phase II of my holiday travel plans: Operation Santa Claus. Yes, we are off to Lapland bright and early tomorrow morning. Twelve hours and three flights after departing Barcelona, Atsh, Marc, and I will arrive in Rovaniemi, Finland where we'll meet up with George and check into our hotel. The next day we meet up with the rest of the crew and take a long bus ride further north to Juha's house up in the Arctic Circle. I'm not joking. And I can't wait.

Not too sure about internet access up there, so my posts in the coming week will be sporadic at best, but I do promise plenty of cool photos and wild stories when I return. In the meantime... HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! All the best for 2007.

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Howie said...

Your blog makes me want to go to IESE for school!