Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday Night Special

So classes are officially over. I've been trying to think back on this term and what I did and whether I got as much out of it as I could have, and at first I couldn't remember anything. So I got annoyed at myself, thinking I should have done more. Then I remembered... oh yeah, there was the Bar Crawl. And the Random Dinner. I went to Amsterdam. And New York. And Milan. My sister was here. And my parents. And I saw my uncle, too. I read every case and I even remember a few of them. I climbed a mountain. I played in a band. MC'd the Thanksgiving dinner. I played soccer and rugby. I admitted to my parents that I'm having a torrid love affair with Lola, my scooter. They were understanding.

I learned how to write a business plan and how to put together an advertising campaign. I came up with a business idea of my own and plan to get it rolling in the new year. I spent quality time with old friends and with others that I hadn't had the opportunity to know before. I did pretty well in some interviews and was asked back for more. I learned more than I currently realize.

And I kept writing the blog. All in all, not a bad three months.

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