Monday, January 08, 2007

End: First Ski Bunny Weekend of Season

This is why I love Utah:

And this is yet another reason to love Snowbird (as if I needed one!)... they just opened up this sweet tunnel, which took 2 summers and beaucoup bucks. You take the lift to the top of the mountain and then just cruise through this and you're at the basin on the other side. This is key for people (like me) who feel barfy on the tram:

You ride through on a conveyor belt! How cool is that?! My only regret... I didn't see what happens when people fall over.

And this is why I love my mom. It's true... blondes have more fun! (And a harder time using water fountains.)

So this is why I'm sad to leave Utah today.

Tonight I'll be back in New York, where I'll have some big interviews Wednesday morning before heading back to Barcelona that night for class on Thursday.


Bradley Cooper, Winemaker said...

Great shots. I'd heard all this yack about the tunnel but yours are the first photos I've seen. Your blog showed up on my Google news alert for Utah Ski Snowbird. I'm heading to Snowbird in April for an international ski patrol congress.
I scrutinized carefully but I saw no cottontail or other bunny indications. Do you ever head up to the Pyrenees (sp?) or Andorra for a little riding?

NoellieBellie said...

The tunnel is SWEET! I learned to ski at Snowbird when I was 6 or so and it has been my favorite place to go ever since. Great snow, friendly people, beautiful views, excellent hot chocolate. What more can you ask for?

The Pyrenees are great because they aren't too far from Barcelona, but there is no snow yet this season so there's yet another reason to take advantage of Utah while I could!

Thanks for your message!

Mihaela said...

good luck with your interviews, babe!

George said...

it's soo funny that she didn't take off the helmet to drink from the fountain! :)
and i'm envious that u went skiing in such a lovely place and i didn't!!!!
see u soon @ home noellie.

Bili Rubin said...

Here I am 50 feet from the beaches of Chile- where it's summer- and you've managed to make me wish I were in the snow. It looks like you've had an amazing winter break. See you in Barcelona!

IESE MBA 2007 said...

I wonder how you can travel so much and still be relaxed to do skiing and all sorts of activities? Thats really amazing. See you soon at school. Good luck with the interviews.

When I open a new business, one of the person who I will be coming to ask for "angel" investment would be you. I hope you are not asking why? But why?