Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Last year last term, or first year first term?

Wow. Today I totally got my butt kicked. Six classes, starting at 9:45am and ending at 8:30pm, only to get home around 9 and realize ... it's happening again tomorrow! With cases to prepare for every single one! Doh!

My schedule for today included all my new classes:

9:45 Globalization & Strategy - very entertaining, cool Harvard prof, but very distracting camera men all around the room and monitors set up in such a manner that we could see when closeups were being done on our nose hairs

11:15 Diplomacy & the Art of Management - a favorite IESE professor, always full of good stories, but we have to be ready to stand up and give a speech every day?!?! Good thing I tend to prefer to do these things unprepared.... (I've convinced myself it's more natural.)

12:30 LUNCH! Wait,no... It's time to sign people up for the annual IESE ski trip. We're still hoping there will be snow by then.

2:00 Entrepreneurial Finance - despite an annoying thumping noise that continued intermittently throughout the class, I managed to refrain from being annoyed 100% of the time and even managed some participation. Yeah baby. This class promises to be a lot of work, but I really never thought I'd be psyched about something with "finance" in the title... what has come over me?

3:30 Etica - taught in Spanish by a priest. Awesome. I always wondered what Catholic school was like! Sadly, no uniforms...

5:00 Data-driven Marketing Strategies - I'm actually wait-listed for this course and not sure I'll get in. We had the prof last year in the 2nd term... nice guy, very into this simulation that is a major part of the course. It'd be cool to get the class, but I'm not holding my breath.

6:30 Sports Management - Rad. What more could a girl want? (Besides for her beloved Chargers to have won last night.) Oh well. Onwards and upwards. March Madness will soon be upon us. Not that that's really any consolation.

The best part about a day like this is coming home at 9pm and realizing you have a submission due in 3 hours for a looooong case you haven't even started reading yet! Awesome! Well, cross that off the list. It's time to start the next one.

And by the way... happy birthday to Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Geijn said...

As a Patriot fan, you can hate me for it later, I enjoyed ENFI and BUSE (english version of Etica). DRIMA got a little competitive with the MarktStrat game. Have fun the last semester!