Sunday, January 21, 2007

Super Saturday

The downside of Global Warming? No snow in the mountains and the possibility that the annual IESE Ski Trip will be cancelled. The upside? Beautiful sunny 75 degree weather, perfect for a motorcycle trip to Montseny! (Don't tell my parents. They'd kill me.)

The plan was to go there for lunch, but it seems everyone in Barcelona had the same plan, so we needed a reservation and all of the restaurants were packed. Whoops. We made one for an hour and a half later, drove around the mountain some more, took in some beautiful views, and then finally ate enough food to feed a small African nation.

Two minor crashes and six hours later, we were back in Barcelona. That's another great thing about the second year. An opportunity arises to do something fun? Just go for it. After all, we have less than 3 months left... so we have to pack as much fun and adventure in as possible before reality (aka work) sets in again.

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