Saturday, June 23, 2007


Faced with the approach of 21 days' worth of separation anxiety, and knowing that Marco would be in Milan for work this weekend and that, as a result, a Calatrava reunion was only a quick flight away, I booked a ticket on Wednesday night to join the Guapos in Milan. Everything was perfect. I found flights at the exact times I wanted them, I was able to get in and out of Linate (and thus could go to the airport with George on Monday morning) and not dreaded and out-of-the-way Malpensa, and I would skip a sleepless night due to the annual San Joan festival... an extravaganza of fireworks and craziness.

On the way to the airport I made the mistake of thinking that my return flight on Iberia would be the problem, and that I might get stuck in Milan for a few extra hours on Monday morning. But silly me, why was I thinking only of the horror stories of others and not of my very own? Alitalia has screwed me over before and, indeed, I should have been more concerned about the near future...

So when I arrived at the airport, still impressed with the fact that I'd packed everything I needed into a sleek shoulder bag, and dangling my strappy heels in my hand, fully prepped for any festivities that might come my way upon disembarking... well, let's just say all I could do was laugh incredulously when I saw just one flight on the big board that read "Cancelado." My Alitalia 81 to Milan! The last flight to Milan of the night!


Awesome. Unable to reach George, I did what I could, and agreed to take the next possible flight, at 6:50am tomorrow morning. Painful, yes, but it seemed less painful than trying to get my money back from Alitalia and Iberia via eDreams. Ugh. But upon talking to George, and learning that my 8:30am arrival would mean he'd have to get up at 7:30 to drive the 70km to Malpensa, I realized the cause was futile. Even so, I have to be at the airport tomorrow morning by 6:50am in order to cancel my flight before it takes off.

Perhaps I'll use the extra Sunday morning hours that I'd normally sleep through (ie - 7-10am) to be productive and do things like ride my bicycle and finish unpacking in my new apartment. But given that Diagonal currently sounds like Baghdad on a good night, I have a feeling sleep won't come early. And that I'll be getting right back into bed after my 4th useless taxi ride between BCN and the airport.

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Anonymous said...

Alitalia strikes again. Maybe if we all quit flying Alitalia for awhile, they'll get the message. Probably not. Better luck next time.