Sunday, June 03, 2007

Calatrava Guapos: The Next Generation

Last night the new guapos threw a party here at Calatrava to celebrate the birthdays of Pete and Quentin. Many first years hadn't ever been to our humble abode and to this day I still get a kick out of the thrill people get when they walk onto the terrace for the first time. What can I say... it's an amazing place, and I'll be sorry to leave, though I'm looking forward to getting fully settled in at my new place (also on the top floor, and also with a terrace and a killer view) on Diagonal.... after I return from Norway.

That's right, I'm off Tuesday morning for Oslo, where I'll catch up with Jan-Erik and Nanna and see the sights with some locals. Then my dad arrives (ever the jet-setter now that he's "retired") on Wednesday and we'll head to Bergen on Thursday for the rest of the weekend. The weather report is looking good, and the fjords are calling. I promise to provide a photographic explanation of my trip when I return.

In the meantime, may I introduce Calatrava 2007-2008: Jan-David, Quentin, and Tucker. Enjoy the house guys, and don't do anything we wouldn't have done... which leaves you a lot of leeway!

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George said...

i cannot watch this picture. it's too much.
not to say we were much better!