Friday, June 29, 2007


It's 2am. I've just returned home from a verrrry long (but fun!) dinner with Benjamin and Julian, after which I spent an hour frantically packing and cleaning my flat, and then drove my moto to Calatrava for safekeeping in the garage. One taxi ride later, and here I am, ready to hit the sack.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Edinburgh to visit my old colleagues, the boys from Rockstar North, and see Scotland, a place I've wanted to visit since watching Trainspotting 6 times IN THE THEATER back in 1996. Hey, I was about to go to film school and anyway it took that many viewings to understand 70% of what they were saying! (I only got up to 100% on my 46th viewing with my friend Michael, when we watched it on DVD with subtitles.)

So I promise whiskey-laced tales of bogs and highlands, and hopefully some good photos, if the rain ever lets up. Apparently it has been going nonstop for 2 weeks now. But I think my skin needs a break from sunny Barcelona, so Scotland here I come!!!

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