Friday, January 27, 2006

Changing of the Guard

This weekend marks a momentous occasion here at Casa Calatrava. Alex (or, as I call him, The Gentle Giant) will be leaving us for greener pastures. That's right, he and his girlfriend Natalia got engaged over the holidays and this weekend he is moving in with her. Some of you may not consider moving in with your significant other "greener pastures," but I will leave you to discuss that amongst yourselves.

I, for one, am very happy for them. And though we are all sad to see Alex go, we are also delighted to welcome the new member of the Calatrava Guapos: Pierre, from LA FRANCE! Allez Les Bleus!!!!

Pros to Pierre's arrival:
1. We may be able to convince him that Alex always did all of the ironing and that the person who lives in that particular room is the designated ironer. And dish washer.
2. Less German will be spoken in the house, which means George and I will understand what is going on more often. Though this still may or may not be true, since we often don't understand each other in English. (A typical conversation runs like this: Person 1: "Blah blah blah." Person 2: "What?" Person 1: "What?" Person 2: "What?" Person 1: "No, YOU what?" Person 2: "What?" Person 1: "Nevermind!")
3. I can practice my French.
4. Pierre is a whiz and perhaps this will affect me by osmosis. I plan to become an expert in finance simply by being around him.
5. French cooking! (Though this could be a bad thing: All that butter and cheese. Looks like I'll have to add an extra 20 min per day to my regular running regimen.)

Cons to Alex's departure:
1. Average height of Calatrava Guapos drops considerably.
2. We will miss him. A lot!!!
3. My soccer team will now only consist of 1/2 of the Calatrava Guapos. George, Alex, and I all play on the Pablo Royo 80s Superstars.
4. No more fondue!
5. If things are on high shelves we won't be able to reach them. Better get everything down pronto!

Alex, we will miss you! Have fun in your new house. You will always be a Calatrava Guapo!


Anonymous said...

Good weiner! Great smile!

Moe said...

Hey Noelle, it's Moe from NYC...There has been a game of tag going in the MBA blogsphere world. Figured you might enjoy doing this exercise as I have tagged you! Hope all is well