Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sayonara, January!

Many days have passed since I last wrote, and for that I apologize. The fact is that, aside from jetsetting around on the weekends, life has been pretty boring! Nights are filled with cases about pharmaceutical salesmen and words like bottleneck (I'm not talking about Grolsch here, unfortunately) and throughput. And days are filled with classes in which we discuss said cases.

Meanwhile, it seems I'm not the only one suffering from a lack of motivation. Everyone around here is dragging. And with midterms just over two weeks away, I for one need to get my act seriously in gear. The problem is that now I'm not only having to study at night and on the weekends, but also carry out research for summer internship possibilities.

Because you see, unlike my friends who have signed on(read: sold their souls) at banks or who are now in their second rounds of consultancy interviews, I still haven't figured out how I will be spending my summer. My focus is narrow, but fortunately I am an eternal optimist (even if you can't always tell from this blog!) and the options are many. So I am currently considering the following for Summer 2006:

1. Nothing. Well, not really nothing. More like loafing and cavorting. I've never had the chance to really just screw around for a summer, and what better place to do that than here?

2. Internship. I'm currently looking at the big ad agencies that are based in London and NYC, as well as film production companies out of London and LA. But in doing research into advertising, I realized that a lot of the big agencies work with much smaller production companies that are based right here in Barcelona. And considering my goal is to one day open a small production company of my own, what better way to find out how to do it than to work at one? And then I'll get to practice my Spanish over the summer as well, rather than developing a south London accent or reverting to my So Cal slang.

3. Somewhere in between. See, I have a lot of movies in my head. I've always had a lot of movies in my head, but when I was working I never had time to sit down and write them beyond the treatment phase. And I have even MORE ideas now that I've met so many characters here at school. Maybe I should just shoot some spec TV commercials and work on a couple of screenplays. Then I'd have a commercial reel to shop around along with my movies...

Thou shalt be kept posted. Now I must return to my marketing case for tomorrow. It's about power tool salesmen. AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

You are just too funny! Maybe you should just write about you! That could be the best television show going. A guaranteed job for the rest of your life or until you get to be self-absorbed and boring like the rest of them! Keep fresh!

Sam & Mona Morebello said...

Happy New Year, Noelle...we enjoy reading about your adventures and wish we could somehow relive our youth! We talked to your mom and dad Monday at the hospital Annual Meeting. You would have been so proud to have seen the prestigious award bestowed upon your dad. His works are legendary. Children's will miss him. He spoke of having more time with his "girls" so you will have to hold him to this use of his discretionary time. Good luck with your exams. Will we see you on the ski team in Torino? Keep us posted on your summer plans. Fondly, Sam & Mona Morebello

IESE MBA 2007 said...

I will be doing banking but I haven't sold my soul. Seriously, it is a nice program which really seems to fit with my expectations. And from what I have gathered from people who are already working there, I will have time to have a life outside work.


NoellieBellie said...

Pradeep, you will never lose your soul!!!! My comment was completely tongue-in-cheek, though even if everyone in banking DID sell their soul, you'd still be the only one holding onto yours, I'm sure of that! :)