Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Year, New Classes!

I got back to my apartment around 7 last night and received a warm welcome from Marco, George, and Alex. I missed those guys! I really lucked out with my flatmates, no doubt about it.

This morning I walked to school and hit the cafe, which is now smoke-free thanks to the new smoking ban that went into effect on January 1 here in Spain. How nice to not smell like an ashtray first thing in the morning! Everyone looked well-rested after a few weeks away (well, everyone except the people who spent the last two days interviewing for investment banking internships) and I was given plenty of compliments on my hair, which is now back to normal after visiting my usual salon in Manhattan.

Our section has a pretty easy start to the new term, which is both a blessing and a curse. It means I can still be in denial about how much work lies ahead, but it also means we can sort of ease into being back at school. This morning we had two back-to-back sessions of Negotiations before lunch and afterward our first Marketing class. After that was Spanish, and then a long line at the bookstore to get a few textbooks that just arrived. Tomorrow is pretty chill again, with another double session of Negotiations in the morning and Human Resources in the afternoon. Awesome! Friday gets a little hairy: Operations Management, HR, and Managerial Accounting. Frightening.

All in all, a good first day back. I think the jet lag is just about to set in because I'm feeling a little funky, but I'm surprised I don't feel worse after so many flights in the past few days. Maybe it'll hit me tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back ! ! ! !
Post a picture of your "New" old hairstyle. ;)

NoellieBellie said...

Okay... well the ones from Christmas are all "back to normal." But there will be more photos to come. There always are! :)