Monday, October 16, 2006

The 2nd Year

Two and a half weeks into the 2nd year, and so far it's shaping up nicely. And it's true... it's NOTHING like the first year.

No more stress, except about extracurricular planning. No frantic attempts at in-class participation. No midterms! Shocking, but true. In fact, I don't think I'm even going to have any finals. We were supposed to have one, but the professor thought aloud in class that he didn't like the idea of grading 130 exams, so....

In place of all those things? For starters, the Bar Crawl is this Friday and I'm surprised by the lack of enthusiasm being shown by our friendly first years. Last year, in the midst of ABP papers and accounting homework, we managed to make a pretty outstanding showing at the bar crawl. This year's crew seems too stressed to even make a soccer practice, let alone a boozy, costume-laden Friday night extravaganza. Don't get me wrong... I did more than my fair share of stressing out last year, but it did not prevent me from getting on the march with my carefully sculpted mohawk. Hell, ANY excuse to avoid t-accounts! (My dishes, for instance, have never been so clean as they were in the first term.)

The clubs presentation is on Thursday, and fortunately for me and my meager PowerPoint skills, I only have to present the football club. Speaking of presentations... the second year seems to be all about presentations. This morning, Anna and I presented our business plan for entrepreneurship class. Tomorrow there's a big marketing presentation, and Thursday before the clubs presentation is a Google presentation.

Which brings me to another fun facet of the second year... the job hunt. While some people have already accepted offers based on their summer internships, others are starting the search from scratch. I'm following a few leads, but I'm fortunate in that the industries and companies I'd like to work for probably won't be anywhere near ready to hire me for several months. For some, this might be worrisome, but rather than be concerned, I'm just enjoying these last months of jobless freedom. Oh and learning as much as possible. After all, isn't that what the second year is for?


Ashwyn said...

arrgh, please tell me it gets better.. I'm sleeping only 5 hours daily :(

NoellieBellie said...

Dude, the first month is tough. It gets better after the BAR CRAWL! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle, don't be impressed about the lack of interest of the fist years, you were the same (Not you personally but your class). It will take them just a couple of days after the first big party to realize that they missed a great activity and to sign up for all the next events. Cheer up ! !


Gemmita said...

same story goes over and over... first years worrying like crazy and second years in the relax mood..
Believe me, bar crawl, bow, football (and basketball), spring fling, olympics, multiculti.. don't miss any! it's just part of the MBA experience!
see you in Career Forum!