Friday, October 27, 2006

Career Daze

Six months left in the MBA, and I'm still not sure I made the right decision by pursuing the degree. Of course I've learned a lot, met wonderful people, and had a great experience. But in a few short months it'll all be over and I wonder if it will really get me where I want to go.

Unlike my classmates who want to become bankers and consultants, I want to return to the creative world. And the creative world doesn't really tend to have a use for MBAs. In fact, an MBA on your CV could actually do you more harm than good because suddenly you're "overqualified." I've been trying to come up with ways to marry my new business knowledge and my creative ideas, and I'm thinking more and more that starting my own business is the only way forward. But with so much cash sunk into the MBA, it seems a better idea to hold a steady job for a while first...

What would really kill me, though, would be to get into a company where there are creative types and business types and where I'm suddenly not seen as a creative anymore but instead hated by the creatives and seen as some sort of evil business villain. The MBA is supposed to open doors and create opportunities, but I'm concerned that in my case I'll just be pigeon-holed.

And so have run my thoughts for the past week. I'm trying to stay calm, relaxed, focused... it's only October. But it's a constant source of worry in the back of my mind. Maybe a weekend away is exactly what I need, though right now I feel like I'd like nothing more than to relax at home all weekend.

But I'm off to Amsterdam on Saturday morning to spend two days with my uncle, who is passing through on a vacation from California. We've spent several great weekends together in the past, talking all about life and living, and he's always full of insight. Hopefully Sunday night I'll return refreshed and full of new ideas and optimism.

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ScareCrow said...

Why don't u try some place like Disney? or may be you can go back to the gaming world :)