Monday, October 02, 2006

Oof Monday

Wow. Long day. I thought I could handle it, but I'm desperate for a nap. Too bad napping now would just mess up my normal sleep and cause tomorrow to be even more painful...

So this morning the alarm went off and I thought, "Why the hell did I set my alarm for 2am?" It was dark out, and I was truly surprised when I looked at the clock and saw 7:00. Bummer. I was at school just before 8, waiting for the cafe to open so I could get a much-needed coffee, and then at my first Entrepreneurship class at 8:15. MECMI followed at 9:45 and then at 11 I had no class because Econ doesn't start till tomorrow, so I went to the bank to take care of apartment stuff.

Lunchtime brought a meeting about the upcoming bar crawl and afterward Logistics class. In a few weeks, I'll have that 5th class after Logistics, and I'm already thinking it was a bad idea to tack on an extra half credit. Well, it's only Monday. We shall see.

Tomorrow, same deal, with the addition of Econ before lunch. Yeouch. I'm looking forward to nice light Thursday already. Now I should probably stop procrastinating, as I have two more cases to read for tomorrow. Wait, I'm only 2 pages into the one sitting in front of me.... three more cases to read for tomorrow. Ugh. Well at least it's not the 1st year!

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