Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Humpday... a bigger hump than ever!

Silly me, thinking there'd be time for R&R in the 2nd year. Granted, pressure in class isn't so high, but I feel like I'm running around like a lunatic more than ever before. And this Monday-Wednesday schedule I have isn't helping much. Four or five classes back to back really takes it out of you.

But now it's Wednesday afternoon, I'm over the hump, and I have some fun to look forward to. Tonight we are having a little Corsica reunion to remember all those wonderful times we had on vacation just two weeks ago. Are we nostalgic or what?! Tomorrow, just two classes, maybe some basketball, and in the evening a celebration of the wedding of Alex (my former flatmate) and Natalia. Woo hoo! And then the BOW of course.

Friday brings another relaxed, two-class day and a dinner for Alexia's birthday. Saturday morning I'll be up early to take a bus to the Pyrenees with about 40 others and Sunday we'll try to summit Aneto, the highest peak. You know, a little weekend jaunt across a glacier with crampons and an ice axe. No biggie.

Meanwhile, I've been working on several "extracurricular" activities which have kept me busy and in full case study procrastination mode. I'm organizing the upcoming Bar Crawl, getting the ladies' football team rolling, co-hosting the running club, writing goofy columns for the school paper, and ... uh well that's this month I guess. The winter ski trip and the Olympics are also in their initial planning stages. At least I can't say I'm bored.

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Anonymous said...

Glad the blog is back in fine form. Given the pace, this quarter should be behind you in no time!