Sunday, October 01, 2006

Turning Japanese

I am determined to learn a bit of Japanese now that Atsh and Ayako are living in the apartment, and Atsh and I have agreed to an intercambio of sorts, where I promise to speak Spanish to him if he'll speak in Japanese to me. Well, if he'll teach me one word a day I guess...

Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen with Ayako and Felice (another LBS exchange student who currently doesn't have a flat and is crashing at our place) having some breakfast when Atsh walked in and the following conversation ensued:

Noelle: Good morning!
Atsh: Good morning!
Noelle: Wait, how do you say it in Japanese?
Atsh: Ohio.
Ayako: Yes, like the state. Ohio.
Noelle: Ohio!
Everyone: Ohio!
Noelle: So what does "Kentucky" mean?
Atsh: Fried chicken!

I'm learning so much already! I'm sure to be fluent in about 3 weeks.


George said...

Ahaha... really looking forward to live with Ash!
Btw... ohio!

NoellieBellie said...


Wait, maybe I shouldn't have said that... I don't know what it means yet...