Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool

This is a very strange day. It's cloudy. The weather has been crappy for over a week now - rainy, cloudy, and cold - and is due to stay like this until we head south for our Calatrava roadtrip.

It's Sunday, so everything is closed. Valerio left for New York this morning and we had a farewell dinner for him last night, which was really fun but very sad. He's not the only one leaving, and it feels really strange. I am too, eventually, and I guess I should start the process of going through all my things and starting to pack and prune. I just can't face it at the moment.

And, for the first time since September 1, 2005, I don't have a case to read. Not a single line, even. I tried to fill the void by doing such menial tasks as signing up for my alumni email account and checking out the Alumni website, for which I'm an administrator, but it's not the same. I need cases to read!!!

Wait, am I nuts? It's cloudy so it's not too hot to go running. And even though it's Sunday, the bread shop is open downstairs, thank god. And I certainly do not want to read any more cases. I can spend that time reading ... a book! Ooooooh.


Anonymous said...

Hello Noelle,

Thank you for your nice blog.
I have a question. Is IESE open to gay students?

NoellieBellie said...

Yes, IESE is open to gay students. And, in my opinion, the more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I was worried that If I applied to IESE, my friend would be forced to stay aside.

NoellieBellie said...

Well, unlike American schools, where gay students tend to start clubs and announce their gayness with great color and fanfare, it's a bit more subdued at IESE. So you won't find a LGBTG club here. Keep in mind that it IS a Catholic school, even though students come from all different religious backgrounds (including none at all) and no one is required to go to mass or anything like that. I would treat your application to IESE the same as you'd approach applying for a job. If you're completely 100% open in that situation and it works for you, then great. I mean, a place that doesn't want you exactly the way you are is a place you don't want to be anyway. Just my opinion. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the additional comments which clear the issue... It helps a lot!

There is a frontier between the LGBTG club and the anti-gay movement and as I understand it, IESE is somewhere in the right middle.

That's ok for me. It is a great school anyway!

Thank you again for your time and advice! I wish you the best.