Thursday, April 05, 2007

Migration Fixation

Well kids, I'm off. Heading south. I've had enough of this rainy weather. Noelle needs a tan. Or at least a momentary glimpse of the sun. So I'm off to Granada in a few hours. On Monday, my road trip companions will arrive: Huy, George, Marco, Matteo, and Lamberto, and we'll do Sevilla, Cordoba, Salamanca, and Madrid. Huy has organized everything (right down to an excel spreadsheet - I love Germans) and thus the only thing I've done so far is book a flight and pack enough stuff to traipse around Spain for 2 weeks. The six of us will be in 2 cars and I will be responsible for... what else... making movies. Huy, similarly laptop-addicted, has booked us into places with free wifi, so hopefully I'll manage to get a few updates in. Or at least upload some photos.

And now I have to finish packing... leaving for the airport in 2 hours! Happy Easter.


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Ashwyn said...

You too! Congrats on your nomination! :)

Quentin said...

On the road to fame. But... you are already a celebrity!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle! How was your vacation?!? Well... just thought about dropping you a line here... because I am starting my MBA at IESE in September! ... but I guess you are already finishing yours, right?!?

Please drop me a line if you wish... ...



Michele (which means Michael in Italian)...