Friday, April 27, 2007

Graduation Day

Well this is it. The day we've worked toward for a year and a half. Today we graduate. My parents are here, my sister, and my uncle and aunt. We have had beautiful sunny weather until an hour ago, when the rain started. Our ceremony is the first to be held on the terrace of the new building, overlooking all of Barcelona. When I was there this morning to check it out I didn't see any tent or other sort of rain contingency planning.... So I guess we just have to hope the rain stops!

Yesterday evening we had a small barbecue on the Calatrava terrace for the flatmates and families and a few friends. It was a very different from our usual festivities, but nice nonetheless. Last night I couldn't sleep. I guess I have a lot on my mind with graduation, job, and long-term life thoughts. It's strange for all of this to be ending and to have to think for myself again... no more attendance or classes or assignments. It's all very strange.

Well I guess I'd better get ready. We have to be back at school to pick up our caps and gowns (or, in IESE lingo, our "togas") by 3pm. Graduation is at 5:30, dinner at 7:30, and then ... that's it! We are alumni!

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Geijn said...

Congrats! How was graduation?