Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life in Limbo ... feels great!

As we count down the days to graduation (only 3 more to go!) those of us who are in Barcelona have been enjoying the beautiful weather and each others' company. The fact that everything will soon truly be over hasn't really sunk in, and though I know most of us are sad to leave IESE behind, I think we're all aware it's time to move on and see what's next.

Last year, I went to NYC for a few days in June immediately after finals and then had a week here in Barcelona before moving to Romania for the summer. During that week, I had a really hard time enjoying myself. Doing nothing proved to be difficult. This year I don't seem to have any problem with it at all! I'm "busying" myself with running, catching rays, preparing for the Olympics, and ... um... that's about it. It's great!

And though it occasionally worries me that I'm finding such joy in the art of nothing, I also know that another week like this and I'd probably go nuts. And so starts the travel planning... That's right. The Noelle Summer Tour 2007 may soon be in a city near you, so be prepared!

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