Saturday, April 14, 2007


After several days in Granada, it was time to pack up our incredible Chrysler PT Cruisers and head out of dodge. Pun absolutely intended, to the max. These cars have no pickup, which is very frustrating for our German (Huy) and Italian (George) drivers, but at least there's plenty of room for Lamberto and Matteo to take naps in the back seat.

The sun even came out for a while!
Pit Stop

On the way to Cordoba we decided to stop in a small town for a coffee, so we chose Espejo... mostly because it was one of the last towns left before Cordoba.

We were all really excited to see some sunshine.

Unfortunately, nothing was open. And I mean NOTHING. (Or as Matteo would say, Nating.) And there was no one under age 50 in the town. At one point Lamberto and I had this conversation:

Noelle: You know, this is one of those really beautiful little well-kept towns with friendly harmless old people during the day. But at night...

Lamberto: ... it's exactly the same.

Noelle: NO! It's full of zombies!

Lamberto has no imagination.

Anyway we finally arrived in Cordoba and, after quite a hairy parking attempt (the streets in Cordoba are very narrow and not made for big, ridiculous-looking American cars) we settled into our little hostel right next to the Mezquita. Oh yeah and the Mezquita is pretty amazing, by the way...

Only one night in Cordoba and we're off for Sevilla. Unfortunately during our one night it rained. Hard. But we did manage to watch the Munich / Milan Champions League match (the Italians were happy, the Germans were sad) and I coined a new international way of offending people: "fanculowski." High five!


Anonymous said...

Spain may never recover from the expedition of this sextet. Glad you're all recording it so you can tell your grandchildren bedtime stories.

huy Nguyen-Tuong said...

That was a sexy taaaime we had there!