Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fall is here

Hard to believe that yesterday I was sweating my way through Chelsea and the West Village of Manhattan, because today I woke up at 6am to the sound of rain pounding on my windows. Don't worry, I managed to go back to sleep.

But the rain continued all morning, prompting me to assume a sort of celebrity-in-hiding outfit as I raced to my office. This is something my friend Michael and I always noticed on our lazy weekend mornings in NYC when we'd go to breakfast wearing old baseball caps and workout clothes. On those days, people stared at us, trying to figure out if we "were" somebody. And on days we met before work for breakfast, dressed a bit more presentably (but only a bit), no one seemed to even notice us. So this morning, since I don't have an umbrella, I raced down Boylston in a sweater with a hood pulled up over a Fidel style cap. Maybe it's because Kate Hudson is shooting in town so people are hoping to catch a glimpse of her and I - completely covered up - might have been ... SOMEONE!

More likely, I looked completely ridiculous running down the street in the rain. Particularly on Columbus Day, when many people weren't going to work at all.

But I digress. The point is, fall seems to have finally arrived. Forget that the playoffs have already been in full swing long enough for the Red Sox to have swept the Angels. Or that football season has started. It has been downright summery this autumn. I think that summer finally took a cue yesterday, however, when one poor soul keeled over at the Chicago Marathon. Whatever it is, despite the rain today, it was kinda fun to finally put on a sweater.

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