Monday, October 15, 2007

Frenchy Boston Weekend

Some of the highlights of having Frenchy visiting Boston for the first time:

1. The Duck Tour. Frenchy didn't really understand our guide at all. Problem is, neither did I. He had such a heavy Boston accent (and a nasty cough) that I really couldn't comprehend him, let alone translate. Oh well, it was still fun.

2. Jet Lag. Imagine being awakened at 5am by a French puppy dog. Enough said.

3. Shaw's Grocery Store. He was really amazed by all the options in cereal, nuts, bread, cheese... and particularly overwhelmed by some mega huge king crab legs. To the point that he actually shrieked and pointed at them. Fortunately the guy behind the counter seemed used to such reactions because he barely flinched.

4. Pop Tarts. Yes, there is nothing like a Pop Tart first-timer. The tentative nibbles, the flared nostrils, the face that clearly shows a decision is being made, until... VICTORY! Pop Tarts are dubbed "yummy!" And pronounced in a French accent, they actually sound almost classy.

5. American Football. We stop at a bar after a long day of sight-seeing for a late afternoon pint of Sam Adams. (Okay, a couple of pints. Yow.) Boston College is playing Notre Dame. Side note - first one must explain how to "properly" pronounce Notre Dame: "noder daaayme." Anyway, Frenchy knows the basics, so it's up to me to explain some of the details. Suddenly the referee is on the screen, giving the hand-over-hand "offsides" motion. Frenchy says, "Oh he's dancing!" Yes, dancing on the play. That's a 10-yard penalty, repeat first down. At this point the large man next to us gives us a scary look. We drink more beer.

6. Red Sox fans. Frenchy is a really good sport. Despite aforementioned jet lag, afternoon beer consumption, an exhausting day of sightseeing, and a very rich dinner, he agrees to meet up with some of my work colleagues to watch the Red Sox game at a bar. After 30 minutes on the T, he is greeted first by bouncers who demand IDs, and then by drunk, shouting, overexcited people. We drink Bud Light in plastic cups at $1 a pop. He pretends to like it. He's so great. You should have seen his face when Manny Ramirez scored the two run homer and everyone high-fived him. Priceless.

And now the downside.

Weekends are short and over all too soon. I would have given anything to be awakened at 5am today. Oh well, only three weeks to go.


Ilmi said...

Mmmm... le poptartata!

NoellieBellie said...

No to be confused with Le TinTinTin.