Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wedding weekend

This weekend I braved my bad travel karma and the bad weather that seems to hit Boston every Friday night this month and did a triple appearance.

First stop, Friday night. After circling Manhattan for an extra 45 minutes, we finally landed at Laguardia and found another taxi strike was under way. I ended up carpooling into midtown with two other guys and made it to the IESE Alumni event at 7:01pm. Just one minute late. On Spanish time, that's early!

From there I managed to find a cab in the rain and headed downtown to meet my friend Michael, whom I hadn't seen in months. When I'm in NYC he's out of town. When he was in Barcelona this summer, I was in Peru. We used to live around the corner from each other and have breakfast together ever day. I guess you can't have everything.

Finished dinner around 11pm and tried to get a taxi, but no luck. So I took the subway to Penn Station, where I missed the train to Newark by 10 minutes. I waited until 12:37am, surrounded by some of the strangest people I've ever seen, and finally the train arrived. That train led to another train to the airport. Then a bus to my hotel, where my mom was already tucked in. I got there at 2am. And had to get up at 6:45... for a wedding!

My cousin Robin got married in New Jersey and the wedding was totally worth it. More food than I've ever seen in my life (and all of it excellent) was bested only by three generations of women in my family cutting it up to "I Will Survive" on the dance floor. It even made my delayed return flight not so bad....

My mom and grandfather

Nicole and me with our grandmother
Nicole boogies with my grandmother. (I will not have any sympathy next time she complains of knee pain!)

Meanwhile, we had breakfast on the way to the wedding and saw this nail salon. Nicole and Evan thought it was a Korean place. I thought it was someone's attempt at combining French and Ebonics. Like... it means "your beau nails." Yo Bo Nails. You be the judge.

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