Saturday, September 10, 2005

First exam

Yesterday we had our first Spanish exam. All the groups took it at the same time, at 5pm... when most people are the most sleepy. But it wasn't too difficult and I think I did just fine. I'll find out today, I guess.

After the test, IESE had a little welcome reception for us in the Chapel Garden, and no one knew where to find it. If they'd had it at Danzatoria we'd all know where to go, but no one had been to the chapel, let alone its garden. I might need to spend some time there when the going gets rough, praying to pass my exams. Maybe I should find out what the hours are...

Last night, Cary (from SF) and her roommate had a little party at their house. These get-togethers are funny because we spend so much time together that we mostly end up taking stupid photos and talking about the same silly things over and over again. You know you've had a fun night when you walk home taking more dumb photos.

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Anonymous said...

You really should write for some magazines-You're hysterical! Rock On! K