Saturday, September 24, 2005


Casey arrived on Wednesday, safe and sound, but I was in class all day so I didn't get to see him until around 6pm. I skipped the last hour of Spanish class (because one of the other students was doing a "presenation" on wine... aka a wine tasting) and took the metro down to Placa Catalunya to meet him at his hotel. We wandered around La Rambla and had dinner nearby. And then I had to read accounting! Ugh.

Thursday was class as usual, and after school Casey and I had dinner with his cousin Catherine, who happened to be in town on business. We went to La Flauta, which had been highly recommended by George, and now I want to eat there every night. The food was fantastic! After dinner I had a phenomenal time preparing some accounting problems for yesterday's class, while all the other IESE students were at the Bar of the Week getting hammered. Even though I didn't really enjoy doing accounting homework and probably would've preferred the BOW, in the end I felt better having stayed home and studied. And I was able to answer questions in class yesterday. What a relief.

Yesterday was the start of the Festival de la Merce, which is a massive 3-day party in Barcelona. The whole city was closed yesterday, but we still had to go to class. The buses weren't running, but fortunately a nice IESE student picked me up as I was walking up the hill to school. Good thing, because my bag was HEAVY. Class yesterday was rather uneventful... the most annoying thing was that, even though we had to be there, a lot of the administrators and service people didn't. So the cafe closed early (and also didn't serve normal lunch, just ham and cheese sandwiches) and the library wasn't even open. Nor the computer rooms. Very frustrating.

Anyway, we were all just happy to be done with such a hard week. Casey and I went to dinner downtown and then wandered around for a while among the sea of people, checking out concerts and contemplating meeting up with my friends. Around midnight I was too tired to even walk anymore, so I crashed out. Tonight the festivities will continue, so there will be plenty more to see and do.

Today Casey and I went to Park Guell and took some photos. The weather is strange today... sometimes really sunny and then suddenly overcast. Right now it's... both. Weird. Tomorrow we're going to walk up to Tibidabo and also maybe check out the Sagrada Familia.

Back to accounting for now. I didn't even go to soccer today! Here are some photos from Park Guell:

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