Sunday, September 04, 2005

Last Day Before School!!!

Today my body decided for me. It was a day of rest. And cleaning.

Yesterday afternoon we all went to an enormous supermarket and bought supplies for the party. We had three carts full of groceries - mostly soda, juice, beer, paper plates, etc. - 5 people, and 2 cars. We had all hoped to have a nap before the festivities began, but it wasn't to be. Once we got everything into the house, we started setting up for the party. The first guest arrived promptly at 9, and the party didn't end till we had to kick everyone out just before 3am. We had notified our neighbors about the party, and invited them, and we actually got to meet our next door neighbors as we were preparing everything around 7. We figure around 80 people came, but there may have been more.... we didn't really try to keep track!

Everything went well until the very end when someone thought it would be a good idea to fit 7 people in a 4-person elevator. It got stuck between floors and the people inside forced the doors open and somehow climbed out. Unfortunately, in doing so, they broke the elevator completely. We had to call the company this morning and they sent someone over who apparently couldn't fix it alone, so two guys are coming tomorrow. Hopefully we won't have to replace any parts. Aside from that, it was a great party and everyone seemed to have had a great time. I'll have pictures up later. They're all on Marco's camera.

I didn't run my 10K this morning. I woke up at 8:00 to drilling in the street, again (I can't believe they work on Sunday mornings!) and tried to go back to sleep but finally just dragged myself out of bed around 9. I didn't really want to be cleaning the terrace in the heat of the day, so I just got started right way. Marco got up a little while later and pitched in, and then Alex and Natalia, so it wasn't too bad by the end. George woke up just as we'd all finished, so he got stuck cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen floor.

It was too hot to go out during the day today, so I stayed in and studied some Spanish and tried to get organized for tomorrow. I got my Spanish results, and didn't get placed where I thought I would. It's very strange, because there are people in the group right above me who are completely freaked out over being placed so high.... Anyway, I'm in group 6 (of 10), and it's probably a good thing because I can always use a review.

This evening I finally took my bike out for a spin. It's making some funky noises so I'll have to take it to a shop at some point for a once-over, but it was great to finally get out and ride. I went up the hill past IESE, which is STEEP, and then got to enjoy the breeze on the way back down. I'll need to find some other riders to show me the good routes to take around town.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spanish class. We start at 9:45 with an intro and welcome thing for an hour or so and then we start our actual classes at 11:15. After that, we'll be in Spanish class from 9:45-6:15 Monday thru Friday and 9:45 to 2pm on Saturdays until Sept 17th, which is when we'll also add our pre-courses in finance and god knows what else. I shudder to think!

Now I'm still sweaty and gross from riding so I'd better take a shower. Party photos still to come!


Cus said...
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Nicole Sadler said...

School on Saturdays?! What is THAT all about? How very un-Spanish of them.