Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Presentations Galore

Last night, His Excellency Lee Kuan Yew, the Minister Mentor of Singapore, spoke about the role of Singapore in the Asian boom. The presentation was very dry until the end, when he answered questions from the audience and we could actually get a feel for his personality and his philosophies.

Another downpour started out of nowhere around 4pm yesterday and of course I was wearning flip flops. I have almost broken my butt many times, wearing those things in the rain or even just on wet pavement. The most dangerous areas for me are the fancy slippery tiles that the Spanish seem to be so fond of, and also the white painted crosswalk markings. Que peligroso! So I had to walk home clinging to George's arm and STILL slipped twice! Of course, I think it was partly because he was distracting me by asking me why girls don't fall in only 2 directions, like boys do. He said that, if a boy falls, he only falls either forward or backward, while girls seem to fall at strange angles. Right about then, my left foot slipped out at about a 90 degree angle and George said, "SEE?!?! How does this happen?!" I then asked George if he's this funny in Italian and he said that since his English is so bad, we are really only seeing half of his potential. Amazing.

Today I have to give my presentation in Spanish class. I'm talking about violence and video games. Easy, right? No. I've had to look up the most ridiculous things, like "Dutch codebreaker." I should've talked about cheese or something.


Anonymous said...

try this ;-) Anti Slip Solution

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

i spent one dinner at your house with the italians and they were cracking jokes every five seconds. some were even about pasta!