Friday, February 24, 2006

Ahhh... Spain!

Two little stories from the week:

On Monday Nicole bought me a bouquet of tulips, which are now sitting in a vase on my desk. When she bought them the flower vendor told her, in Spanish of course, "Usually these are 6 euro, but for you, just 5. A little gift." She was pleased with her discount. The next day she walked by the flower stand and saw tags hanging from all the bouquets that read "5 euro." She's pretty burned up.

Last night, Nicole and I went to dinner with my doctor friends Lali and Jose. The took us to a cool restaurant in El Born, which felt just like a restaurant you'd find in Manhattan. On the way home from dinner we drove through L'Eixample, and Jose and I both said "Gayxemple" at the same time. L'Eixemple has become the Chelsea (NYC, not London) of Barcelona. Then Jose said, "Spain did the nicest thing for gay people. They can get married here. We are a country of extremes. 200 years ago we burned them!"

Oh, and in Sporting News:
The Pablo Royo Superstars lost tonight. Again. Hmph.

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George said...

200 years ago we burned them.. today the only thing that continues to burn is their assholes!
Anyway i was thinking to suggest a gay hotel in gayxample to my friends when they will come to visit me.. i think it's a very nice joke!