Monday, February 27, 2006

Ode To My Sister

Nicole flew back to New York yesterday morning and couldn't have chosen a better moment to escape Barcelona. On Saturday it was sunny and we had a barbecue on the roof. Yesterday it rained all day. Of course, today it was sunny again and it would have been nice if she'd been around when I got back from school. It has been nice to get some outside perspective on the IESE experience and just how intense it is. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy, but actually the situation is kind of crazy.

And so, Nicole, I salute you:
1. You single-handedly changed the IESE male-to-female ratio from 80/20 to 79.5/20.5. Bravo!
2. You left me some leftovers! Sweet!
3. You read like six books in a single week. Impressive.
4. You got rolled buying some tulips. But hey, it was worth it. They're still alive and brightening my room one week later.
5. Your many IESE admirers miss you already, and so do I.

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