Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back by Popular Request

The blog is back on. After many wonderful personal emails and comments here (thank you to those who wrote!) I have decided it would be unfair to my fans to simply stop writing. In typical Noelle fashion, a single negative response to my last entry about being ridiculed was enough to provoke my reaction and ruin the fun for everyone, and for that I apologize. I'm learning. Bear with me.

The problem is that I can't say I have much exciting news to report. I spent most of this past week studying. Let's see... played rugby as usual Thursday, negotiated the purchase of some F-16s from the US on behalf of the Kingdom of Nari on Friday (the deal fell through - I don't like to be pressured when oil is on the line!), and our soccer team the Pabloy Royo superstars lost miserably that same afternoon. The teacher's assistant from Negotiations class was on the opposing team... I wonder if it's all linked somehow.

I spent Saturday reviewing Managerial Accounting and finally had to watch Wedding Crashers for the 4th time to wash away the bad "cash is king" thoughts with "let's crash weddings and get as much free food (among other things) as possible" thoughts. Sunday I went to the exciting world of Operations Management review. Wheeee!

Now it's Wednesday and, as usual, I'm tired. And sweaty. I just got back from soccer practice. I gave a Spanish presentation about American football and the Super Bowl today and we had a Spanish midterm as well. Our "real" midterms are next week. Well actually, two midterms (Operations and Accounting) and a final (Operational Finance). And I know no one wants to hear how many C's I'm going to get, so I won't mention the three of them, okay? I promise!


Anonymous said...

In a veeeery long HBS case, there is one interesting sentence: Make sure that whatever you do, you're running towards something and not away from something.

Anonymous said...'re funny. glad yer back :)

Christa said...

Hey Noelle! Just logged in to check on you. Miss you on IM these days. Hang in there, I am sure everyone feels the way you do. Kick some IESE ass and keep up the don't stop playing soccer. Can't wait for the season to start here (did I just say that?). Saw Jess last night, we miss you in NYC.


Moe said...

It's good to see you posting back!

Anonymous said...

Whooowww! I thought you were serious about taking a hiatus, so I stopped checking for updates while I crammed. Welcome back!