Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Countdown to ski trip

It's the most beautiful day of 2006 - warm and sunny - and I am in the basement. Room F-101, where I have been since 9:30 this morning practically without pause. We didn't have a team meeting this morning, so I came straight here to the basement room and sat through (ok, participated in) Human Resources and Marketing.

At lunch I managed to escape to the sunshine for a few minutes to get a sandwich from the cafe (which is also in the basement, but in a different building - thus, 2 minutes of sunshine) and then stood outside until I felt overcome by guilt over not studying constantly and ran back to my basement hovel. I tried to review managerial accounting. I guess I managed, mas o menos.

Then we had accounting class and now it's just after 5pm and I've just finished reading and preparing tomorrow's HR case. Now I'll prepare marketing for tomorrow and then at 6:30 there's another Operations review session for Section C, which I'm hoping to crash. All in all, a tremendously exciting day. At least I have a jog to look forward to after the review session.

And there's another thing to look forward to. Two, actually! First, my sister Nicole arrives back in BCN on Friday, just as I'm finishing my last midterm. She'll be here for a week, and during the perfect time... just after midterms, when we can all actually relax a bit.

She is also arriving just in time for the other event I'm looking forward to - the IESE ski trip, which I've been helping to organize. 205 IESE-ians and IESE partners (and sisters!) will be heading up to Andorra for a weekend of skiing and, more importantly, apres-ski. Ahh, no classes, no basements, no cases. Just snow and jacuzzis and friends and beer. Deeeeee-licious! Only 3 more days!

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