Thursday, February 16, 2006

Doomsday Prophecy

In life there are things that really matter and there are things that seem to matter a whole helluva lot.... at the time. In the grand scheme of things, the midterms that are looming are really nothing. They are just another hurdle in my race to the weekend. A more annoying hurdle than the regular ones (ie - classes) but just a hurdle nonetheless.

And assuming I don't land on the hurdle while jumping over it - this hurts, I know from experience - I should be fine. I have contemplated running AROUND the hurdle, but in most races this leads to disqualification because you end up in someone else's lane.

So I guess I'm stuck with my three hurdles.

Hurdle 1: 9:30am. T-minus 9hrs 16 min.: OPERATIONAL FINANCE FINAL
Hmmm. I thought I was okay at this until I did some practice exams over the weekend. Hit a wall, but have brushed myself off and carried on. Only time will tell.

Hurdle 2: 2pm. T-minus 13hrs, 46min.: MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING
Okay so I've done all the cases, understood everything in class, and read (nearly) all the readings. So why is this such a black hole? 'C' marks the spot. Moving on.

Hurdle 3: 9:30am Friday. T-minus 33hrs 16min: OPERATIONS MANAGMENT
I know someone will call me a nerd (and I don't blame them) but I actually kinda like this stuff. It's like a puzzle and all you have to do is know how to count. That is AWESOME. And yet, I'm still lost. But starting to see the light.... Here's hoping I'm not one of the "lostest" 7.

Hmmm doesn't seem so bad now. Of course, that won't stop the sheer panic when I wake up tomorrow. Ah well, such is life. Good luck, everyone!!!

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