Wednesday, June 07, 2006

06 06 06

What a crazy day. Only on 06-06-06 could I possibly find that my prior work experience producing voiceovers for video games could be useful during the MBA. Tomorrow we have to turn in our final projects for Competitive Strategy and Jan-Kees, Matteo and I have been working on Blockbuster. We did our research, prepared our Power Point slides (I always have and always will hate Power Point), and then the fun began... We had to narrate the presentation so the professor has additional material to go with the slides. And since I happen to speak the best English in our small team - what a relief! - I became the narrator.

And you know what? It was a snap. I mean, once I wrote the script, which took hours...
My three years in front of a microphone really paid off. So here's to Rockstar. Thanks guys. I know you'd throw me out the window if you saw me narrating a Power Point presentation (and I'd do the same to myself if I were in your position) but at least you have prepared me well!

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