Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Last day of Section A

It's a day I never thought I'd see... the last official day of classes, the last day of the first year, the last day with Section A. We started off this morning in the Wonderful World of Operations, where Prof. Sachon gave a nice review of the course and some advice to take through life. Next we had a wrap-up of Corporate Finance, which I'm surely going to fail. During class I actually felt like I might know what is going on - until I reviewed a bit with Chris and Marco tonight. I'm doomed.

After lunch came our final Quantitative Methods class. After a tutorial with Chris for five hours Saturday morning, I was feeling pretty confident about this one. Until this afternoon's review session. Complete confusion and utter chaos, but at least I have an extra day to prepare for this one, since the exam isn't until Thursday morning. Sections B and C were spared the exam and turned in a submission on Sunday about Formula 1 instead, the lucky dogs.

After that, Huy presented the COW (comment of the week) and the Comment of the Year, which was won handily by Jan-Erik. Then came a slideshow and some videos that made everyone sad and nostalgic... until we realized that we still had studying to do. Reality blows.

As does the scary IESE policy of ... The Final Exam. It states that if you get four Cs over the course of the year or 3 in any one term, you are reviewed by the academic commmittee and will probably have to take the big bad final exam a week after classes end. After most people have started internships, and definitely after you've forgotten everything you learned in the first term about T-accounts!

Anyway, I'm riding the road of 3 Cs this term because, try as I might (and I have really tried!), I just can't seem to get my head around corporate finance or quant. And every time I think I understand economics, I get confused and realize I have everything backward... or do I? Who knows...

So tomorrow we have our first two exams, and I'm dreading them both. Though I'm dreading the results much more! As usual, eyes on the prize: Thursday morning, 11am.


Venturello said...
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Venturello said...

Hi Noelle. Been subscribed to your blog for a while, and wanted to:

1. thank you for it, enjoyed it very much. Its been a wonderful insider view into IESE's life, something I hope to live through next year (waiting to hear from adcom).

2. congratulate you for reaching this far, for being almost done with the first year and

3. wish you luck on these exams - you work hard, you deserve a good grade - be sure of yourself and that, whatever the outcome, you've given it the best.

Good luck!

Juan Miguel Venturello

Geijn said...

Congrats on reaching the end! Trust me, second year WILL be better even better! ;) Currently in Tokyo after a blackout blog period in China! Will be home soon to post a krazillion pictures!


NoellieBellie said...

Hey Juan - Thanks! Good luck with adcom... I hope we'll be seeing you on campus in September. Let me know!