Friday, June 02, 2006

First weekend in Barcelona

It seems like I haven't spent the weekend in Barcelona too often recently, so I'm looking forward to a relaxed three-day weekend right here in the comfort of my own home. I'll do a little cycling, a little running, a little tanning on the terrace, some studying of course, and hopefully fit in a little beach time. I was also thinking of taking a nice siesta right now, but unfortunately the neighbor's kid decided to start playing his stupid plastic flutifone on the terrace across the way. It sounds like he's sitting next to me playing into my ear, the little brat. At least he has temporarily scared away the oversexed pigeons that inhabit their terrace. Hmmm... now getting out of town and away from recorder-playing rugrats is sounding like a great idea...

Last night I was a double dinner extravaganza. It started with an American BBQ at an American time (6pm) on the rooftop terrace of an American IESE student, Bill. Knowing a Japanese dinner was waiting for me at Juanra's house at 9:30, I avoided eating all but the smallest hunk of meat, which was deeee-licious. They sure learn how to BBQ in Montana!

So at 9:30 I headed back to my 'hood from El Born and went over to Juanra's place around the corner. I hadn't been there since he and his collection of Juans and Ramons that inhabit the house kindly took us in after the exploding moto incident of a few months ago. Satoshi and Junko came over and prepared a fabulous feast of sushi, tempura, and terriyai beef, and George and I finally rolled home around midnight. The BOW at Sutton beckoned, but sleep beckoned louder, and good thing, too because this afternoon I'm exhausted.

Hey! The recorder stopped! I guess my aim must've been pretty good with that rock I threw... Oops, I mean... I guess that lovely child has finished practicing. Nap time!

Juan, Ramon, and Juan Ramon. (Seriously!)

Sushi prepared by Junko

Junko and Juan watch as Sato prepares a feast

George learns some tempura techniques

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