Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last night of the 1st Year

Tonight is the last night that I have to worry about exams, cases, studying, failing, getting up early.... Because tomorrow we in section A take our last final exam of the first year. Franz has promised us that it will be quick, though not painless, and suggested that we prepare by watching the Germany match tonight. Which is exactly what I did, though it was far from relaxing, particularly since I was rooting for Poland.

But before that heaven-sent two hour period, I went through a rather hellish day, as most final exam days tend to be. I started early, at 6am, thinking I was late for class. Then realized, haha no class today! And THEN realized, no class?! That means exams!!! I slept a little longer and then finally dragged myself out of bed. I stared at our global econ one-page answer sheet (which should cover everything) while drying my hair and brushing my teeth. It was no use. I think I effectively failed the exam, which was about Iceland. I've never had so much trouble writing in my entire life. I couldn't put thoughts together and even worse, what random thoughts I did have, didn't flow nicely out of my pen as they usually do. It was a rather terrible three hours and I'm happy I don't ever have to relive them.

But, lucky me, after lunch we had our corporate finance exam! This is the one I was fully prepared to fail (unlike econ) because, try as I might, I just couldn't ever get this stuff right. I got through two out of five questions because we only had an hour and a half so at best I'll get 18 points. You never know... it could be a decent grade. Oh well, next!

And next up was something good. We watched the 2nd half of Spain's shutout of the Ukraine. It's a match I didn't need to watch because it wasn't very exciting, but it was better than the alternative - studying. Which I got around to soon afterward. Chris came by and helped me study for tomorrow's Quantitative Methods exam for three hours. I think I get it now... kind of. We'll see tomorrow morning!

The nice thing about this particular study session was that I was immediately rewarded with the Germany - Poland match, which was the best one of the World Cup so far. So now here I am, back at home, blood pressure still through the roof, ready to catch some Z's and hopefully pass tomorrow's test. Forecasting luck needed here at 9:30am, please!!!

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Anonymous said...

All prayers and good wishes are with you. Hang tough. Tell us how it goes, plsszzzzzz