Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New babies and film festivals

Certainly a big weekend.

Introducing.... NICOLAS JORDI BERKHEMER! The newest team A6 baby, he joins big bro Jonas (who will certainly be shocked by this new arrival tomorrow when he and Maggie come home from the hospital) and our other A6 rugrat Maria, daughter of Enrico. Congratulations to Jan-Kees and Maggie!!!

In other news, last night we held the first annual Calatrava Film Festival. Julian brought over his projector and a big screen, which we rigged to the wall on the roof. I collected the best IESE videos of the year and, after a prerequisite barbecue, we screened our favorites. It was a beautiful, relaxed evening... I think it will have to be the MONTHLY Calatrava Film Fest from here on out!

Julian and David with our rooftop screen

George, Lamberto, and Freddy

Andreas, Christina, Lena, and Diego

Bertrand, Julian, Vera, and George

The screening....

David trying to keep it under control

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