Monday, June 12, 2006

Last weekend and World Cup Fever

This final weekend together has passed in a blur. I spent the majority of it studying (or pretending to) and glorious hours here and there watching football. Yesterday Chris came over in the morning like my knight in shining armor to rescue me from quantitative methods. He spent several hours explaining to me all the things that I'm sure he understood perfectly when he was four. We worked from ten till three, when he moved on to a project with Marco and I stared at my economics notes for a while.

Last night George had booked a table for twelve of us at Thai Garden. We were all looking forward to it and even arrived early because there's an English pub next door where we were able to catch the first half of Argentina v. Cote d'Ivoire before our reservation. Unfortunately, we soon found out that George had managed to make a reservation at Thai Garden Madrid, not Barcelona. So Enrico went off with his wife Federica in search of an alternative while the rest of us stayed happily glued to the bigscreen.

We ended up having entrecot in a restaurant with Venice in the name... how surprising from Italians! Dinner was delish and half of us headed off to the end-of-year party at Ribelinos, though the idea of more studying today kept me from staying out too late. That and a head cold. I love those in the summer!

Today I managed to read an operations case on the roof, procrastinate a lot, watch bits and pieces of the French Open final and the Holland match, and finally read a bit of economics before heading to la Rosa Negra with the Mexicans to watch Mexico beat Iran 3-1. Venga! Granted, on Friday I was ambushed and forced to wear a German jersey and face paint, but today I wore the Mexican flag with pride. As a San Diegan, I consider myself Mexican, after all.

Unfortunately the IESE machine doesn't stop for the World Cup (though it should, and so should everything else, except the bars and tv stations!) so we still have final exams on Wednesday and Thursday. And next weekend, most of us will be gone!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the exams. Hope you will continue to blog over the summer...