Sunday, June 25, 2006

One week later...

... and I think I'm still recovering from the first year.

I spent the last night of the third term almost exactly the same way as the last night of the first term - dancing all night, getting home late to finish packing, taking a shower, and heading to the airport to fly to New York. What better way to celebrate the end of exams?

I can't say New York was a breath of fresh air. At least not in the literal sense. It was hot and humid, more so than usual for mid-June, but it was still great to be back and see old friends and get away from all that is IESE for a little while. It would have been nice to relax in Barcelona as well, but that's what this week is for. Anyway, I checked out my sister's new house in Philadelphia (very cool), saw many old friends, wasn't able to see many others (sorry! I'll be there again in September!), ate at my favorite restaurants, and deeply inhaled that special New York summer subway smell. Mmmmmmmm!

Unfortunately I got sick a week before finals and continued to be sick until, I think, this afternoon, when I rode to the other side of Tibidabo just because I can. The air is different over there, seriously, and I think my two-and-a-half-week-cold is finally dissipating. We'll see if that's still true in the morning.

Since returning to Barcelona Thursday morning, I've had a strange mix of emotions. It's wonderful to be here, but it's really strange to not have anything to do. I mean, I don't have to be anywhere at any time, I have no homework to do, no classes to attend, no exams to worry about. I know I should appreciate this, but sometimes it's just plain weird. Not to worry, I'm getting used to my life of luxury. I have been on the terrace every morning, working on my sunburn, and out to dinner every night. And don't forget the World Cup matches! Today, for instance, I cheered with the Germans and tonight I cried for the Californians. I mean, Mexicans. Though I had to do it secretly because I was surrounded by Argentinians.

And what does tomorrow bring? Hmmm, I guess that would be more terrace lounging, more beach going, more bicycle riding, and more football watching. Sounds like an awful existence!


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog regularly.. your one week absence was felt.. do keep posting..

NoellieBellie said...

Thanks! I will!

Though I don't know how regular it will be when I get to Bucharest next week... How will I live without wireless internet for 2 months?????

Anonymous said...

Hey Noelle - We need a new photo in this blog. This one's getting even more tired looking every day now that I hear how rested you are. What does a well rested, second year IESE student look like over summer break? Let's get this blog going with a little reserve energy and excitement in case there's another dry spell. You need to hold us over with some good blogging and photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle, don't you have any portugese T-shirt, Holland is... in some way... out of fasion hahahaha. Just a joke you look wonderful in any color ;-)

Moe said...

"tonight I cried for the Californians. I mean, Mexicans."


NoellieBellie said...

I'm glad SOMEONE caught that! Thanks, Moe.

And as for the Netherlands comment... going Dutch never goes out of style, baby! But yes, more photos to come, I promise.