Saturday, July 01, 2006

Airport Lounging

So I'm in Munich waiting for my flight to Bucharest, and I have a very long layover. But aside from the fact that I'm exhausted and would prefer my bed to this airport chair, I can't really say I mind. I like airports. I like watching all the people and hearing all the languages. I don't like carrying my bag across the longest airport on earth (okay, I guess that's actually Frankfurt, but this place seems awfully big as well) or having my heels clipped by frantic people dragging wheelie bags. And that's exactly why I'm now sitting in an empty area with a nice view of the Lufthansa planes out the window, checking my email and writing on the blog.

It has been a relaxing week in Barcelona and I guess I'm officially ready now to start my two month Romanian adventure. I realize I never said where I'll be working this summer, and maybe that's a good thing, so I'll just say that I will be working in production of tv commercials for a major international advertising agency. I'm looking forward to it. Apparently I'll spend the first two or three days at the agency and then move over to the production company they work with.

As the only Romanian I speak happen to be French words (aside from "how are you"), it's a relief that most of the population speaks English. And they speak it well. Meanwhile, I've lined up a trip to the Black Sea for next weekend to escape the heat (it's 93 degrees in Bucharest) and I have a feeling there will be more seaside visits to come this summer.

Now it's time to get through security - again - and board my flight in about an hour.


Anonymous said...

The Romanian adventure begins. Hope you will keep us posted. Sounds a lot more interesting than banking and accounting and rabbit pelts.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for reports from Romania. How was it viewing the World Cup in Romania?

NoellieBellie said...

So far, World Cup viewing here has been entertaining, if only because I watched with Vlad's dad and his friend Lica. They were both supporting Brazil and I was supporting France. That makes two sad people and one happy one!