Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday on the job

This is what I saw after I arrived at work yesterday morning - the Romanian president was welcoming the Czech president. Just another day at the office!

Around lunchtime I went to Mogosoaia Palace for a shoot for an Israeli bottled water commercial.

And finally I walked home around 8:30 and saw another lovely sunset over the river.


Geijn said...

Those are some great shots! Let me know when you shoot an IKEA commercial, i might be able to provide the wardrobe!

Marcusrodri said...

But......where the hell are you working in Bucharest!!

Robert said...

Hello Noelle!

I wish you to find me in Bucharest as you promised a long time ago.

Robert (+40 740 660 788)

Anonymous said...

Wow - These are amazing. The Romanian Industry of Tourism should be hiring you. I bet the tourist trade jumps and they won't know why. Hmmm...wonder what happened? Our hotels are all full. Yikes!!! It's that American chick blogger that's spreading the news about Romania. Quick get her out of the country before she ruins it for the locals.