Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shooting in Romania

So here's what I learned from my four days in the mountains shooting the pate commercial. No matter where in the world you go, film crews and shoots are the same. You have the same long drives, the same mosquitos on location, the same characters... For instance there's always some guy who is obsessed with Star Wars. Always. This is a rule. If you're putting together a film crew and you've failed to include a rabid Star Wars fan among the technicians, go back and start again. It's very important.

In fact, the only real difference between shooting in Romania and shooting in the US is the craft services (what normal people call "catering.") In the US you have to deal with all of the Adkins-obsessed celebrities. But then again, they'd probably be pretty happy on set here, because it's all meat and cheese and there's no fruit and no bowls of M&Ms. Hmmm... no wonder so many films are shooting over here these days....

Without further ado, some photos.

Day 1:

Early start (6:30am at a horse corral)

Still shooting horses at 8am

Afternoon: Sheep wrangling

Real shepherds in makeup

Headed for craft services!

Evening: still getting pate beauty shots

Are we done yet?

Day 2: A coworker and I spent the morning in the town of Sibiu (the photos are posted on Flickr) and then joined the crew later.

Old ladies
Keeping an eye on the proceedings
Romanian dancer
Finally, we wrapped and on Sunday we drove back to Bucharest. It was a LONG, HOT drive and I was happy to see my apartment and my very own potholes on the street. Potholes sweet potholes!


Marcusrodri said...

You know I still don´t get the connection between the shepherds being tortured under the sun, some wild romanian horses, Vlad´s grandmother and her friends....with.....Pate. Maybe pate is not pate all over the world!! I don´t know...You tell me.
Un abrazo.

NoellieBellie said...

No shepherds were harmed during the making of this commercial.

And pate is pate everywhere, baby.

Marcusrodri said...

Thanks for your explanation.
I can't post today. Its showing last post all time????
And pate is not pate everywhere, baby.