Monday, July 17, 2006

Bucharest Weekend

I spent my first weekend in Bucharest after two weeks in Romania, and I have to say it was quite nice. It seems that, much like NYC and Barcelona, all the city folk head out of town on the weekends (either to the beach or the mountains) so it was pretty quiet here. No construction next door in the mornings, and no gypsy ladies calling for scrap metal. Well, not on Sunday anyway.

The parks were the only places that were very busy, and both Cismigiu (near my house) and Herastrau were loaded with families enjoying the nice weather. By 5pm the cars were back and the city was more lively and, even though it was nice to have had some peace and quiet for a couple of days, it was also nice to see the city bustling again.

Some photos:

Cismigiu Park

A Coca-Cola advertisement

The fountains at Piata Unirii were at full blast

Herastrau Lake


Anonymous said...

This is terrific to see Romania through your photographic lens. You see things other would miss or dismiss. Keep the blog coming.

JP said...

Hi Noelle,

I agree with this anonymous. May I suggest a weekend program? You could try to visit those prisons secretely used by the CIA to interrogate those terrorists. I'm sure that the US embassy would grant you a VIP Pass.

For the construction noise, I always travel with earplugs.

Good luck!