Friday, July 14, 2006

Death by Happy Hour

Yesterday was another beautiful day in Bucharest, and perfect for the weekly office happy hour on the terrace. Unfortunately I was too busy drinking Tuborg and playing basketball to take any photos, so you'll just have to believe me when I say it was a killer time. The only problem (which wasn't really a problem at all, at the time) is that it extended to 3am.

And this, too, would be fine if I could've slept in a bit like normal people do under such circumstances. But unfortunately, the construction doesn't stop, nor does the crazy gypsy lady refrain from her weird morning yodel about metal scraps, just because Noelle has a bit of a headache. In fact, it turns out that I don't need an alarm clock here because the drilling and hammering starts next door (actually, in the wall next to my bed) at 7am. And if I manage to sleep through that, the yodeling starts precisely at 8am. Even on the weekends. I guess gypsies don't really pay attention to what day of the week it is. Or what time it is, evidently.

Anyhow, I have recovered and all is well. I have a project to work on (cat food - my favorite!) and another ad was approved last night, so that means another shoot to go on next week. And if the weather holds, it looks like it'll be another sunny, beautiful weekend.

Unlike when I took this picture, two days ago in the rain. My building, with the one under construction on the right:

And on a sunnier day, the view from my little balcony:

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Anonymous said...

Keep those blog reports coming! The pictures are a great addition to dialogue. Feel like I am there with you.