Monday, August 07, 2006

Barcelona Weekend, Take 2

The rain in Spain falls mainly when you're on the plane. And that's a good thing!

This weekend I made my second attempt at a weekend in Barcelona, and this time I made it! But not without first lending my voice to a major cat food brand. Yes, that's right. On Friday morning I was in the recording studio, putting down the voiceover for the commercial we shot last week. The ad was shown to and approved by the Romanian client (this is an international brand) on Saturday, and now must be approved by the Czech and Slovenian clients. And I thought I'd left the voiceover business behind? I'm like Sean Connery saying I'd never do another James Bond movie. There's a reason his last one is called "Never Say Never Again."

Anyway, after that exciting adventure, I was off to Otopeni Airport, where I found out that my flight was 20 minutes delayed. No biggie, because we made up the time in the air as promised by our captain, and I had less than an hour in my beloved Munich Airport before boarding my flight to Barcelona. Halfway there, the pilot came on the speaker and said, "I need to tell you about our flight to Barcelona..." and I thought, great we're going back to Munich. But instead he just told us what interesting places we'd be flying over.

So I landed in Barcelona without much fuss, had a miraculously short taxi ride home, and made it in enough time to get a new Spanish SIM card. Woo hoo! I'm back in business, baby! The weather in Barcelona broke on Friday and it was much cooler there than it had been in the past few weeks. Which is a relief, because it was also much cooler than it was in Bucharest this weekend.

So I spent two days lazing around on the terrace, doing laundry (awesome!!!!), running in the hills, and seeing friends. I was only there for two days, but it felt longer because it was so relaxing. Sunday evening I was back at the airport and off to Munich. I again only spent an hour there, but made sure to have a cappuccino at my now-favorite cafe in Munich airport. The weather was awful and the flights were pretty bumpy in and out of Munich, but at least it rained while I was on the plane and not in Spain!


Bili Rubin said...

That cappucino is impressive. They got the leaf pattern, which is a sign of adept espresso drink making skills. Apparently it reveals how well the milk was poured into the espresso. Super important.

Hey, when is your internship over? Email me and let me know about your New York plans.

Anonymous said...

That's totally a latte. Cappuccino would have more foam, no? Tell me where I can get something like that in Barcelona and take my powerbook to work.

NoellieBellie said...

Sadly, to get this kind of royal treatment with your cappuccino and powerbook, you have to fly from Barcelona to Munich airport.

Maybe I should open a spot like this in Barca though... hmmmm.