Thursday, August 31, 2006


Sorry I haven't written in a while, but life in San Diego is... a vacation. I've seen bands, played tennis, gone swimming in the ocean and the pool, hung out with friends, and tonight had a barbecue on the beach. Life is good.

There has also been the small saga of my mobile phone, but we'll leave that to another post because it's late ane I'm tired. More important than a mobile phone is the arrival of Huy's friend Christoph. He got to San Diego International Airport (which I prefer to call by it's cooler name Lindbergh Field) last night for an open-ended stay because he's an uber-brain and will be doing some sort of biotech research. I don't understand these things, so we didn't talk much about that.

And anyway, who needs talking when there is grilling to do and burgers to eat?

Sutton aka King-Of-The-Grill and Christoph

Ryan workin' the tomatoes

Sean workin' the Pringles

My mom workin' her burger

Yours truly workin' the camera

The sun workin' it


Marcusrodri said...

It is really not fair to show this kind of photos to the ones who are still working....under the rain!!!
Well, today is sunny though. Maybe I should organize a river-barbacue. Enjoy

huy said...

Fuck, I wanna be there with you guys!

NoellieBellie said...

You should be here! Both of you!!! What are you waiting for ?!?!

George said...

Noellie we are going to have one here in NY with the real KING of BBQ... Marco! We should have a contest Marco vs Sutton one day...

NoellieBellie said...

Marco v. Sutton would be amazing. I'm thinking Spring 2007. GRRRR IT'S ON!!!