Friday, August 18, 2006

Last Weekend in Romania

Hard to believe it, but this is my final weekend in Bucharest. On Wednesday morning I will once again board a plane and wing my way back to Barcelona via my favorite airport, Munich.

It has been a pretty amazing summer, full of cool new people, interesting places, and lots of strange early-morning noises. But I can't really wax poetic at the moment because I'm leaving the office (and hence the internet connection) in 10 minutes and anyway my brain is fried today.

So instead, I invite you to watch this. Considering the legal battles my former employers have had to go through in the past, I'm surprised Coca-Cola would want to have anything to do with the company and the games we made there... but then I guess it's easier to rip off someone else's idea than create one of your own. Anyway, it made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your last few days in Bucharest. Looking forward to more details of the IESE summer.

elizabeth said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I am a candidate for IESE fall 2007 and you are the first person I've come across who left the US to go to b-school abroad. I would love to pick your brain about it further, if possible. I wonder if I can use this venue to give you my e-mail