Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hollywood, Romania

After weeks and weeks of 90+ degree weather (and last week nearly 100) the rain finally came over the weekend and cooled Bucharest. What a relief. The heat had been stifling and now the rain clouds have passed and the sun is out, ready to warm us up again. It should be hot hot hot again this weekend, but I'll be in San Diego! Where it's also abnormally hot... hooray!

So it's a good thing our car commercial shoot yesterday was indoors, in a studio, because we had all types of weather, from bright sunlight to muted clouds to pouring rain. Not the best for shooting anything, except yourself I guess.

But we weren't at just any studio, we were at Castel Film which is one of the premier studios in Romania. Along with seven sound stages, they have a Universal-style back lot where you can shoot westerns or modern-day suburban family dramas. And plenty of stray dogs of course! I promise to post photos tomorrow.

During lunch in the cafeteria I looked around and saw some familiar movie posters: Mimic, Highlander, Cold Mountain.... We had all those same posters on the walls during my days at Miramax. Same movies, same posters, same companies, totally different countries. Cool.

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