Monday, August 21, 2006

Hot Hot Heat

What to do when the weather hits 41 celsius (105 F) outside?

Option 1: Go to the seaside. And I did consider this for a little while, but then thought about the traffic and the lack of A/C in my car. In other words, I would have roasted myself while sitting in a Daewoo oven. Not so appealing.

Option 2: Nothing.

Option 3: Drink.

I opted in the end to combine Options 2 & 3, though I did also include a bit of housecleaning and packing in preparation for my imminent departure from Bucharest. But it was so hot, I could only vacuum or dust for a few minutes before having to fling myself onto my bed, completely sweaty and pooped. Then after "cooling off" I would go for a few more minutes. Very productive!

I also finished reading an amazing book, Jeffrey Eugenides' "Middlesex." Incredible.

And I drank some nice cold beers late at night. It was too hot to do anything outside during the day (even though I really wanted to go out and take pictures) so now I can understand why vampires are nocturnal. Romania is just too hot during the day. I can't explain how this works in winter, however.

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